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What materials are jewelry boxes usually made of

Published by admin 2022-12-20

There are many kinds of jewelry boxes, and the use scenarios are not the same. Some jewelry boxes are only used for sales packaging of products, while some are used for after-sale customers to store jewelry storage boxes in their daily lives. And different box use businesses in the choice of materials are not the same. So what kind of material will be used for the jewelry box that is used for sale? Next, we are a professional manufacturer of high jewelry box customization to understand it together.
Jewelry box is generally divided into wooden box, plastic box, paper box three materials.
1, wood material jewelry box solid wood jewelry box belongs to the high-end jewelry packaging, generally with solid wood as the main material, jewelry box spray painting processing, many enterprises use this kind of solid wood jewelry box export to foreign countries. Batch is not big, but the production cycle is long, the price is expensive.

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2, the gelatinous jewelry box embryo body is plastic mold, outsourcing paper or PU skin, this kind of packaging, looks, slightly, the cost is not high, often selected by some mid-end customers
3, flocking jewelry box flocking box is based on plastic as the main structure, the surface flocking, looks more beautiful, but also relatively light. Flocking boxes are relative to paper boxes. It is also commonly silver ornaments, such as this.

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4, At present, most of the jewelry boxes on the market are generally made of gelatinous embryos and wrapped in a layer of filled paper. The filled paper is generally imported from abroad. This kind of box relative price is relatively cheap, generally silver jewelry stores used more.
The leather, board, paint and glue used in the packing of the jewelry box are all environmentally friendly materials. Quality is an integral part of our production. We use new materials and techniques to synchronize with well-known jewelry props.

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