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The manufacturing process characteristics of ancient gold jewelry box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the major brands to join the team of ancient gold jewelry, more and more different models of ancient gold has been used to give gifts, wedding and other different scenes, and with the promotion of "web celebrity" culture, more people understand and buy. However, at present, some brands still do not carry out unique packaging design for ancient gold jewelry, and they still use the same jewelry box for packaging as ordinary jewelry. Part of the reason is that they do not know how to design ancient gold jewelry box.

                             ancient gold jewelry box
To design the ancient gold jewelry box can be based on its nature to think, first of all, the ancient gold using the national intangible cultural heritage of the ancient gold casting process, this process from the palace office, specially for the royal family and aristocrats to do gold. Emphasize the gold color is warm and moist, Chinese but not dazzle, expensive but not obvious, highlighting the inner collection, low-key luxury feeling.

                            ancient gold jewelry box
The ancient gold has the three characteristics of antiquity, rich layers and pure handmade. It presents the blessing totem and etiquette culture in the gold art. It combines the traditional Chinese culture with modern fashion aesthetics, shows the simple and thick Chinese ancient charm, and brings the gold products with great texture and cultural connotation.

                             ancient gold jewelry box
Therefore, the ancient gold jewelry box can be combined with the wind of the Chinese palace with ingenuity, which not only reflects the noble status of gold, but also highlights the characteristics of the ancient gold production process. The ancient gold jewelry box should highlight its characteristics, China but not dazzle, expensive but not obvious, highlighting the special place of the introversion, low-key luxury feeling.
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