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What kind of packaging gift boxes do Europeans and Americans like more at presen

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Gift boxes, or "gift boxes" for short, have always been an indispensable gadget in the daily lives of people in all countries. People from different countries or regions with different cultural backgrounds have different tendencies to choose the style or style of gift boxes under relatively specific conditions.

European and American currently popular packaging gift box style, or originated in the romantic atmosphere of France's a la carte experience gift boxes; characteristics are focused on a unique and wonderful experience, gift style appearance to different styles of exquisite; can be DIY handmade, through the hands of the combination of novel, or suitable for the exquisite style appearance, to express the gift giver's feelings.

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Currently popular European and American packaging gift box styles include simple European, European retro, American humor, American creativity and so on; in the case of American creativity, for example, the packaging gift box highlights the intuitive and pragmatic needs met by the gift, and magnifies such needs in an exaggerated way, so that people can intuitively feel its purpose.

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European and American packaging gift box style style in the color, compared to the Japanese and Korean style difference will be very obvious. European and American packaging boxes or gift box style style, often with bold colors, to bring a relatively strong visual impact, if not used properly, while leaving a deep impression on people, but also may make the whole package does not look classy. Regarding food, the currently popular European and American gift box packaging style is often a straightforward reflection of the essence of the gift, the characteristics of the gift itself, through the visual form of external communication, or through textual descriptions to convey, literally tell people.

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Therefore, we often see some big brands in Europe and the United States, they will directly show the name of the goods directly in front of consumers. The style of European and American packaging gift boxes, in terms of connotation, is not exactly like the domestic taste of holding a pipa and half-hidden; there are also visual creativity, copywriting creativity, in a more conspicuous way to suggest the connotation expressed in it, which can be humorous and funny, but also to express the meaning of the heart and so on.

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Compared with the common European and American packaging gift box style, which is straight to the point, simple and straightforward style, this is inextricably linked with the European and American way of life, and cultural habits. European and American packaging gift box style are more bold, often more direct expression of demand.

In addition, it is worth noting that the industrial development in Europe and the United States is earlier than that in China, whether it is advertising, or packaging, there are very comprehensive norms, the spirit of legislation is to hope that through the packaging of all relevant data, and instructions of the product as detailed as possible. European and American packaging box style design to intuitively embody the style, is the European and American people for life, and consumption habits on the comprehensive performance.

They hope to use a direct and clear expression to convey the product attributes, characteristics and other information, so that the recipient can intuitively accept and feel the product can bring its needs to meet.

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