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A good anti-corrosion jewelry box can protect jewelry

Published by admin 2022-12-20

The making and production of jewellery boxes are based on the invention of jewellery. The interior generally adopts a multi-spaced design to prevent unnecessary scratches caused by jewelry contact. Some jewellery boxes will be inside according to special shapes and special materials. There are differences in the structure.

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The main purpose of the jewelry box is to maintain the long-lasting appearance of the jewelry, prevent the corrosion and wear of the surface of the jewelry by dust and particles in the air, and also give people who like to store jewelry a good storage space.

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Jewelry boxes are generally lined with soft materials and contain anti-oxidation and abrasion resistance fibers to prevent wear and tear on the jewelry. Some jewelry boxes wear corresponding style keys or code locks to protect the safety of jewelry. 

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The materials of jewelry boxes include wooden jewelry boxes, paper jewelry boxes, iron jewelry boxes, plastic jewelry boxes, etc. We provide customized gift boxes and look forward to your consultation

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