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Jewelry box customization also pay attention to point line surface?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry packaging design is through visual design, the abstract concept into the actual artistic image can be felt, so as to attract attention, display jewelry, until the last impression of the retention. Jewelry packaging boxes require to effectively display jewelry and achieve the best visual effect, which depends on the design characteristics of jewelry packaging boxes, which are determined by the specific performance of points, lines, surfaces and their combination forms.
1. The visual psychology of dot
The smaller the dot, the stronger the feeling of the dot, but it appears weak. As the points grow larger, there is a sense of heading towards the surface. However, the point is a very flexible element, it has the function of attracting the eye, and can guide and organize the development of the eye and organize the sense of form on the picture. If there is only one point in the layout, this point is easy to become the visual center, attracting people's attention, and can jump out from the background, and the layout of the surrounding space.

                                          Jewelry box customization
2. Visual psychology of lines
Vertical line, give a person with firm, pure, direct feeling. Rough straight lines have a strong, powerful feel. Thin straight lines are sharp, natural and sensitive. The oblique line has the feeling of motion, direction, space, etc., and is the best symbol of space and time. Geometric curves are elastic and full of tension. The curve of freedom is gentle, smooth, graceful and light. It is the representative of freedom, liberation and unfettered.

                                         Jewelry box customization
3. Visual psychology of the surface
Surface can be divided into two categories: real surface and virtual surface. The form of real surface is the moving track of lines, while virtual surface refers to those that do not really exist but can be felt by people, which are densely composed of points and lines. There is no absolute limit between them of dot, line, surface, for instance the width of the enlargement that the surface can regard as a point, line increases, its visual psychology is closer.

                                       Jewelry box customization
Appropriate jewelry packaging can enhance consumers' sense of identity for jewelry and brand, and generate a deeper understanding of brand positioning. Therefore, jewelry manufacturers should pay more attention to the design of jewelry packaging and promote their brands.

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