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Jewelry box creative design needs to have these points

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry brands are paying more and more attention to the design of jewelry packaging. From the standard simple boxes and bags in the past to the design with brand characteristics, jewelry packaging has gradually been included in the consideration of brand marketing and brand promotion.

                                          Jewelry box creative design
Packaging design is an indispensable part and external form of modern commodities. Creative packaging design is not only a beautiful coat for jewelry, but also an effective means to reflect the value of jewelry.
Excellent creativity not only comes from the usual accumulation, but also requires the designer's keen market insight and positive thinking. Creativity is the magic weapon for successful jewelry packaging design. However, before carrying out a specific creative design of jewelry packaging, it is necessary to fully understand the jewelry brand and the jewelry designed by it, generally starting from three aspects:

                                  Jewelry box creative design

1. Market competition, such as the market characteristics and potential of the jewelry, competitors, etc.
2. The basic information of the target consumer group, such as the age, economic income, and cultural quality of the consumer group.

                                      Jewelry box creative design
3. The basic situation of similar jewellery in the market and its own jewellery, (need to distinguish between new jewellery listing or old packaging renewal), including brand image and popularity, goodwill, trust, product price, quality, sales methods, etc.

                                    Jewelry box creative design
After extensive understanding, designers can give full play to their imagination and creativity based on the information they have, and make preliminary creative ideas. After further deliberation, improvement and development, the designer can finally determine the creative entry point.

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