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Points for attention in the process of custom packaging gift box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Nowadays, many enterprises need to have the commercial value of marketing in the customization of packaging gift boxes. The realization of this value is an important standard to measure the success or failure of packaging design. Therefore, more and more enterprises choose to customize the special gift box, and increase more intangible value for the goods.

1、 Box type selection
The gift box packaging is all high-end atmosphere. The common gift box design includes flip, drawer, combination, portable, etc. we can choose according to the actual situation.

                            packaging gift box

2、 Gift box material
Undoubtedly, high-grade materials can highlight the quality of gift boxes, but we must not ignore the environmental protection and health of materials, and can not choose packaging materials with irritating smell. In addition, if the gift box is to be carried by mail or long distance, it is necessary to consider the firmness of the gift box, and consider all possible problems during transportation, such as wear prevention, water proofing, etc.

                            packaging gift box

3、 Gift box style
Just as each of us buys clothes, we should choose more matching style clothes according to their temperament, and gift boxes are no exception. When designing gift packaging box, we need to consider the image, characteristics and target groups of gift box comprehensively, not only in our own perspective, but also from the perspective of consumers, and using personalized design to attract consumers. Moreover, different countries and regions or nationalities have different preferences and taboos for color and pattern due to the differences of social system, religious belief and customs. Therefore, designers must do a good job in the market understanding before designing.

                            packaging gift box

4、 Gift box printing technology
Like materials, printing technology also affects the quality of gift boxes. Nowadays, printing technology is more and more advanced and can be more and more selective. But it should be noted that the selection of materials, technology and style of packaging should reflect the advanced nature of technology. For example, the three-dimensional packaging, aseptic packaging and anti-theft packaging made by bump technology can reflect the excellent achievements of science and technology through the novel and unique packaging style, reflecting the superior performance of gift box packaging.

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