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Introduction to Jewelry Box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry box is a kind of storage box for placing valuables such as jewelry, which mainly plays the role of storing and protecting jewelry. This article mainly introduces the jewelry box from several aspects, such as jewelry box material, jewelry box use and jewelry box application.

                                                                   Introduction to Jewelry Box

1, Jewelry box material
According to the different materials of jewelry boxes, there are mainly leather jewelry boxes, wooden jewelry boxes, paper jewelry boxes, glass jewelry boxes, etc.
First, leather jewelry boxes, generally crocodile jewelry boxes, plain leather jewelry boxes, lining is generally made of EVA, foam and silk cloth, LO is generally made of bronzing or embossing, concave and convex printing, high-grade process.
Second, wooden jewelry boxes, mainly mahogany jewelry boxes, pine jewelry boxes, oak jewelry boxes, mahogany jewelry boxes, ebony jewelry boxes, yellow pear wood jewelry boxes, etc., the lining is usually made of foam and silk cloth, LO is generally made of laser carving or branding.

                                                                   Introduction to Jewelry Box
2, jewelry box use
First, the interior of the jewelry box is generally designed with multiple intervals, which can avoid the scratch of the jewelry.
Second, it can keep jewelry lasting as new.
Third, to prevent jewelry from corrosion and wear of the surface caused by dust and particles in the air.
Fourth, play a very good reception function.
3, Jewelry box application
The first, the ring pad, which is made of a group of flannelette sponge pads, is used to secure and protect the ring.

                                                                      Introduction to Jewelry Box
The second, stud fixing holes/stud fixing gaskets are used to secure and protect stud type accessories. Usually, stud holes are provided on the partition to secure the earring, or an earring shelving strip is provided in the position of the box cover, or a removable gasket with stud holes is provided between the compartments.

Third, watch pad/bracelet pad, used to secure and protect the bracelet or watch.

Fourth, the necklace hook, often designed into the shape of a button or hook, configuration of an opening with an elastic band of dark bag, receiving the hanging necklace, mainly used for fixing and protecting necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Fifth, butterfly card cover pad, placed in a space with a butterfly card flannelette, butterfly card can be used as a grip, can also be used for winding fine long necklace, can also play a layered role, will be small ornaments to distinguish.

Sixth, jewelry bag, the use of the inner cover or side space of the jewelry box, effectively increase the capacity of the jewelry box, can be used to place a pearl necklace or hang a row of earrings and so on.
Seventh, the small grid, there are various shapes and sizes of the small grid design, the general thin design is used to store the necklace, square design can be based on the size of the different storage of bracelets, brooches, earrings, hairpins, cufflinks and other accessories.

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