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Do you really understand the customization of jewelry packaging

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry packaging is usually taken as the last link of sales, and takes the role of protection and bearing. In addition, where else should jewelry packaging pay so much attention to? Jewelry packaging has gradually become the focus of brand marketing and brand promotion from standard and simple boxes and bags in the past to the design with brand characteristics now. The design of jewelry packaging display content and effect can reflect the three major functions of brand publicity, marketing promotion and product advertising. Then, how to customize the characteristics of your own brand for jewelry packaging?

                                     custom jewelry packaging
Brand positioning
Brand positioning is to define the core values of the enterprise and its brand. Ask hard questions about the product over and over, such as: What is the brand value proposition? What are the design points of jewelry?

                                custom jewelry packaging
Different materials
The use of a variety of materials to do packaging, metal material is gradually rising, the ornament of metal material can bring luxurious appearance, at the same time can match different colors according to the needs of many big brands have begun to use metal material as packaging materials.

                            custom jewelry packaging
Know Your Competitors
The purpose of understanding competitors is to use differentiation strategies among similar products to achieve brand and product promotion and give consumers a reason to choose this product.
More colors
It's not just neutrals or pastels these days. More jewelry brands are using bolder, more vibrant colors. Part of the packaging design will be similar to the brand color, so that when customers see similar colors, they will associate with the brand.
Targeted jewelry packaging design can be more combined with the design concept, design features and brand significance of jewelry, so as to enhance consumers' trust in jewelry and establish a good brand awareness. Therefore, customized jewelry packaging can be given a more far-reaching significance to promote the brand and jewelry design.

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