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Jewelry boxes should look like this, horizontally resistant and functional

Published by admin 2022-12-20

As one of the most intimate partners of our jewelry, "Jewelry Box" is also an important link that can not be ignored in our customer service. Sometimes it's jewelry, but there's always a jewel box. Sick of looking at the market of ordinary jewelry boxes, come and go are the same, today to see something different.

                           Jewelry boxes
It is like water, gentle tenderness, has a long history; It is like gold, the strength of time, indestructible. Show low az jewelry box using silver dissolved form design, melting process of silver as creative point, silver materials will be heated in the process of liquefaction flow reduction in packaging, unique packaging effectively distinguish with other similar brand, strengthen the brand identification, packaging waters warm feel but also enhanced the quality of the brand.

Xiaoluo Jewelry won 2018 Pentawards Gold Award for Packaging Design, 2018 US Industrial Design Excellence Award, 2018 Italy A' Design Award Bronze Award.
Is a multifunctional jewelry box, in different sides of the box are added to the opening design, breaking the limitations of a single placement, can match different inner core, placed different types of jewelry. The overall design is simple and generous.

                               Jewelry boxes
Artistic jewelry boxes will be different from the traditional boxy shapes in form and will be more concise in design. In addition to the function of placing jewelry, they can also play a good decorative role.
Consumers now have high requirements not only for the appearance level of goods, but also for the packaging. Beautiful color combination can attract the eye in the first place, while the details of the inside of the box can only be seen after opening. For the theme of the product set to design the packaging box is also a common method of many big brands. Give consumers more extra surprises.

                         Jewelry boxes
When winter comes and the year will be over again, it is the best salute to winter to change the color of snow.

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