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Jewelry box with which material is better?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry, refers to the jewelry jade and precious metal raw materials, semi-finished products, as well as with jewels and precious metal raw materials, semi-finished products made of wear jewelry, craft ornaments and art collection, like jewelry is precious this type of products, many jewelers, when choosing the material of making jewelry boxes, also can do related fastidious, jewelry boxes made of what material on earth is better?

                     Jewelry box
The structure of the jewelry box is a combination of the outer, middle and inner layers. The body quality of the jewelry box is generally wood, gum and paper.
wooden box
The materials of wooden jewelry boxes can be divided into MDB and solid wood. Solid wood generally has mahogany jewelry boxes, pine jewelry boxes, oak jewelry boxes, mahogany jewelry boxes, ebony jewelry boxes, and the most characteristic is the rowan wood products. In MDF, is what we call composite board, compressed board, fiberboard, plywood, MDF board, due to the construction technology of real wood is more complex, time consuming, artificial is higher, on the market some wooden jewelry box, is commonly used, the fiber board, paste it on the surface of wood veneer, make effect, with solid wood. The price of solid wood is certainly higher than that of MDF, but there is little difference in the finished product. Woody jewelry box itself is taking restoring ancient ways, elegant flavor. Jade can be put more precious jewelry, but also has a high collection value, is also more valuable.

                           Jewelry box
leather box
Colloid jewelry box is generally used for PPC,PVC, PET/APET as the material, through a series of processes such as printing, die-cutting, glue box and other products packaging boxes. Compared with the traditional carton and other packaging, plastic box (except PVC material) has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic, high transparency, more intuitive display of the packaging products, can effectively improve the grade of product packaging. And the relative price of this kind of box is relatively cheap, generally silver jewelry stores with more

                           Jewelry box
paper box
Paper jewelry box is mainly used for cardboard, moderate hardness, and the price is very cheap, suitable for packing cheap jewelry. Cartons are also more environmentally friendly.

The inner layer of jewelry box is generally made of soft materials and contains anti-oxidation and wear-resistant fibers to prevent the wear of jewelry. In order to protect the safety of jewelry, the corresponding style of keys or password locks should be worn. For example, they can use flannelette, sponge and other comfortable and soft materials.

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