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What material is good for jewelry box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry box is used to put jewelry, every love beautiful woman has their own favourite jewelry, wear suitable jewelry is more greatly promoted their own temperament, a fine jewelry box can let the love of beauty the woman found a beautiful home jewelry, can also reflect the aesthetic taste of a woman, so people to the box selection or very detailed, people want to know what is a good material box, jewelry box what material?
1. Aluminum alloy jewelry box
Aluminum alloy jewelry box is also a lot of people like, in general, aluminum alloy jewelry box usually equipped with a carrying, many artists or is makeup girl will choose aluminum alloy jewelry box, aluminum box of the volume is larger, can hold a lot of jewelry, but light aluminum alloy jewelry box is easy to carry, good gloss, more modern on modelling, therefore also has a lot of fashionable young people will choose cabinet aluminum alloy jewelry box, placed on the table at home is also a beautiful scenery line, aluminum alloy jewelry box is very good.

                                  jewelry box
2. Leather jewelry box
Every woman likes to wear pretty clothes and jewelry box fabrics like clothes, our common for PU leather jewelry box jewelry box fabrics, the fabrics of high quality jewelry box is more high quality fabrics, leather jewelry box texture is clear, very simple sense, the luster is exquisite, can waterproof antifouling, guarantee the years do not fade, so many people all like leather jewelry box, leather box maintenance is more convenient.

                                jewelry box
Jewelry box what good material Xiaobian also said not good, in fact, there are a lot of jewelry box material, we can compare more, more contrast, see what they like the jewelry box material, so you can choose suitable for their own jewelry box material.

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