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What brand of jewelry box is good

Published by admin 2022-12-20

As we know, the role of jewelry box has receive very good effect to the jewelry, jewelry box we necessary, therefore, for us, nice delicate jewelry box can bring us good visual effect, increase the level of jewelry, reflect the unique charm of jewelry, a lot of people like to buy all kinds of jewelry box, but people don't know what kind of jewelry box, so the casket of what brand is good? Let's take a look.
1. Yidingpeng Jewelry Box
Shenzhen yi ding peng packaging design brand image design co., LTD. As a Chinese wine industry strategy researchers and practitioners, through "brand positioning, creative design, technology research and development, the production service" four one of the service system, successfully designed a series of classic, the market to provide clients with the most competitive solution.
At the beginning of 2010, the company set up its post-packaging processing plant, and expanded the original design team, sales team and production management team. In the design and production links, the company has reached a new level, and has the absolute quality and quantity, fast and cost-effective competitive advantages of mass production of products. Strategy + originality is the source of professional vitality and the core value and firm belief of Yidingpeng. Design above design, design above design design is always adhere to the conduct of Yidingpeng. China has entered the era of strategic packaging, and the competition of products is increasingly manifested as the competition of brands.

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2. Mandoni Jewelry Box
Mantuoni Jewelry Box has more than 20 years of development history, the company's strength is relatively strong, quality is guaranteed. Mandoni jewelry boxes are generally designed as a whole box. Foldable jewelry boxes have a lot of interlayers inside, necklaces, bracelets, ear studs and so on can be easily summarized, and the overall design can better match IKEA dressing table and modern simple mirror. Jewelry box surface color is relatively bright, bright red, pink and sky blue are more common design color, quite conspicuous in the indoor. In addition, the price of mantuoni jewelry box is moderate, generally ranging from 150 yuan to 300 yuan.

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3. Vansy Jewelry Box
The West Jewelry Box Company was founded in 2012, although the West Jewelry Box was not established for a long time, but the development is quite rapid, the West brand Jewelry Box has a high popularity on the network, in many online shopping platforms have sales. The most important thing is that the price of the west jewelry box is more affordable, the average price of a west jewelry box is about 30 yuan, most of the west jewelry box surface using suet processing process, smooth degree is quite high, placed in the room has a strong visual shock.

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What brand of jewelry box is good is also to see their own preferences, there are many different brands of jewelry box on the market now, we should according to their preferences and budget to choose the grade of jewelry box, suitable for their own is the best.

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