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Classification of paper packaging boxes

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Most of the popular packaging boxes or packing boxes in the market are mainly based on paper. In fact, there are three kinds of paper packaging boxes. Do you know these? YI Ding Peng to explain the classification of paper packaging boxes.
Corrugated boxes: Corrugated boxes are divided into two types, color boxes and ink boxes/transit boxes (read more about the difference between color boxes and transit boxes)
Color gift box packaging production mainly through color printing, surface production and processing, die-cutting embossing, box making and other working processes, the layout structure is composed of contour cutting line and embossing line, and by die-cutting embossing processing process formed, die is its important processing characteristics. This kind of paper box on die-cutting embossing quality standards are higher, so the model specifications and size standards are strict, so die-cutting embossing is one of the important process procedures of packaging gift box production and processing technology, is to ensure that the basic quality of packaging gift box production.

White card box: as the name implies, the paper packaging box is made of white card. Usually, the white card is divided into 250g white card, 300g white card and 350g white card. This kind of paper packaging box will be thin, poor protection for the product, and is not suitable for fragile goods or products that need logistics transportation. Most of the responsibility is the role of the inner box packaging, external also need to add a layer of corrugated carton.

Boutique box: Boutique box is mainly die-cut with gray board, and then the printed paper with exquisite patterns is mounted on the cardboard. The common production method of gift box packaging is, gray plate mounting copperplate paper or art paper, printing text pattern or LOGO bronzing UV. The paper packaging box cost is high, suitable for some high-grade gifts, such as health products, cosmetics, jewelry and so on

The above is the classification of paper box, gift box packaging production to choose which kind of paper box also need professional advice and guidance, YI Ding Peng is a collection of design, processing, logistics and transportation as one of the paper box customization manufacturers, if you need to customize the paper box is welcome to inquire and order

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