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The structure and production process of common paper gift boxes

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Every day, no matter in which the supermarket, look, see all kinds of gift full of beautiful things in eyes, colors, shapes, and greets consumers is the first gift packaging, therefore each big businesses are focused on the packaging, in order to make his product to stand out in a number of competing goods.
Below, take the most common paper gift box as an example, and talk to you about the classification, common structure and production process of paper gift box.
Paper gift box classification
01 / Divided by pasting fabric
· Leather: including genuine leather, PU fabric of imitation leather, etc
· Paper: including gold and silver cardboard paper, pearlescent paper and all kinds of art paper
· Cloth: including all kinds of cotton and linen fabric
02 / By application area
· Tobacco: mainly used in high-end boutique cigarettes
· Wine: mainly used in white wine, red wine and various foreign wines
· Food category: mainly used for monthly chocolate and health food
· Jewelry: mainly used for all kinds of jewelry
· Daily chemical: mainly used in cosmetics, perfume, etc
· Digital electronics: mainly used in mobile phones, tablet computers, etc

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Common structure of paper gift boxes
01 / Heaven and Earth Box
It is composed of a cover box and a bottom box. It is generally used with a large buckle on the top and a small buckle on the bottom.
02 / Book Box
The shell is composed of the outer shell and the inner box, the shell ring of the inner box for a week, the bottom of the inner box and the back wall, both sides of the same shell are bonded, the upper cover part of the unbonded can be opened, and the outer shape is like a hardcover book.
03 / Double door box
It is composed of a left outer box and a right outer box. The inner box is on the inside side and the left and right outer boxes are symmetrical.
04 / Heart-shaped box
The box is shaped like a heart, and most of it is a box structure with a lid.
05 / box of drawers
The box that contains drawer function is model, drawer box is pulled when using, open very convenient.
06 / Round box
Box type is round or oval shape, mostly for the structure of heaven and earth cover box.

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07 / hexagon/octagonal/polygon box
Box shape is hexagonal/octagonal/multilateral shape, mostly for the structure of heaven and earth cover.
08 / Window box
Open the desired window on one or more sides of the box, and paste transparent PET and other materials on the inner side to fully display the information of the contents inside.
09 / folding box
Gray board as a skeleton, with copperplate paper or other paper pasting, bending gray board to leave a certain distance space, when used to hold up the whole three-dimensional shape. Free folding, molding will not affect its appearance, folding can save packaging and logistics costs, is a very practical box type.
10 / Flip box
The back of the box is pasted with a face paper, which is a combination of the world cover box and the side cover box, and can be flipped around and opened freely.
11 / Other shaped boxes
Paper gift box production process
Paper gift box production process:
Printing → surface finishing → outsourcing material die-cutting → gray plate die-cutting → gray plate grooving → gray plate forming → outsourcing material pasting → assembly → inspection → packing
01 / Selection of paper
· Consider paper types, such as coated paper, art paper, pearlescent paper, etc
· Considering the thickness of the paper, pay attention to the paper can not be too thick, thick pasting is easy to wrinkle, also can not be too thin, otherwise the effect of pressing concave and convex can not be reflected.
· Consider the paper surface finishing effect.
02 / Surface Finishing
· Reverse glazing
· Film covering (light film, dumb film, tactile film, scratch resistant film, etc.)
· Hot stamping (gold, red gold, colorful gold, silver, laser, etc.)
, local UV
Pressure bump,
03 / choice of grey board
Grey board is made of a kind of recycled waste paper production, mainly divided into single gray, double gray, all gray, specular, according to the customer for the surface smoothness requirements. Grey paper is an environment-friendly packaging material. In special cases, there is no upper limit. Usually, grey board with appropriate specifications is selected according to the specifications of the gift box.
04 / die cutting
Paper gift boxes have high requirements for die-cutting technology. The precision and accuracy of die-cutting directly affect the processing quality of subsequent processes, and also directly determine the quality of products.

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05 / slot
Slot is the key step in the gift box production, is in 1 ~ 4 mm thick grey board with a slot machine out of V groove, generally keep 0.25 mm connection layer, V groove is Angle, is 90 degrees, 120 degrees commonly, also can choose other Angle according to the product structure, but must achieve grey board after bending, straight side, angular, four corners fit precision.
6 / pasting
According to different product requirements, the copperplate paper, art paper, flannelette, leather and so on, through the glue machine glue or spray glue, and the gray board closely pasted together, so that the two are one, so that the gray board surface "gray appearance for a new look".
General packaging box is first pasting after die - cutting, but pasting gift box is first die - cutting after pasting, the purpose of doing so is:
First, afraid of smearing the outer packaging materials, affecting the appearance;
Second, the gift box pays attention to the harmony of the overall effect. Only after pasting can the supporting body be completely covered, so that the gray of the gray board is wrapped by novel outer packaging materials, presenting us with beautiful artworks.
Third, some of the complex structure of the box, still can not be separated from hand pasting, which is irreplaceable by the machine.

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