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Jewelry box design needs to pay attention to what points

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry has always been a popular fashion and popular among consumers. In order to attract the attention of consumers, major brands not only pay attention to the quality, design and creativity of jewelry, but also pay attention to the jewelry packaging. Jewelry box for a carefully designed jewelry not only plays a protective role, fitting the brand or jewelry style of jewelry box design can also enhance the grade of the product, improve consumers' desire to buy.
Then what points should we pay attention to in the design of a fitting style jewelry box?
1. Design should be based on the design characteristics of jewelry, such as shape, material, style, style, brand story and other factors. The packaging designed according to the characteristics and personality of jewelry can better reflect the unity and integrity.

                                    Jewelry box
2. The main role of jewelry box is to protect jewelry. The choice of its material needs to take into account the shape, color, load-bearing force and process of jewelry. At the same time, because the size of jewelry is small and the form is different, the design of jewelry box should meet the requirements of jewelry storage and carrying.
3. The ultimate purpose of jewelry box is to serve marketing, in order to attract the attention of consumers. Jewelry box design to a reasonable positioning, need to be targeted at the target customer group analysis, in line with the majority of the target customer aesthetic, and enhance the psychological value of jewelry.

                                            Jewelry box
Jewelry box design is not accomplished overnight, aesthetic, functional, practical is indispensable. Novel jewelry boxes will give your brand a certain advantage in customer selection. By custom-designed jewelry boxes, you can more effectively combine the design concept, design features and brand significance of jewelry to enhance consumers' sense of identity and brand impression of jewelry.

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