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Idea of packaging design

Published by admin 2022-12-20


The idea of the packaging design of the gift box must be based on the thinking of scientific, economic, firm,

beautiful and easy selling. Because the design concept of gift box packaging is multifaceted and changes the

most, YDP packaging usually creates and designs the gift box according to the characteristic of the customer's



Below three points are for the concept and package rule:

1. Requires the conception to have the integrity, clear priorities, mutual contrast and so on;

2. The conception is required to follow certain rules of formal beauty, such as unity of change, contrast and

coordination, symmetry and balance, and rhythm etc;

3. The idea is to follow the customs and religious values of different regions.


The idea generally emphasizes the visual effect at a glance, should make the person "unforgettable". Design ideas

of the package box should be closely around the characteristics of the gift itself. The core is "marketability". In

order to solve the sales problem for the merchants of customized gift boxes, they must research the consumer

groups if they want to be marketable. 


One of the design methods of gift boxes is to investigate consumers' lifestyle, living standards, interests and

market research, etc. Choose a suitable custom made package supplier is important, as like YDP packaging, our

box products has many customization advantages, including low cost, easy to process, suitable for mass production,

and exquisite packaging types, to help customers to promote products, gifts and good effect. 


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